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3rd Everest Open International

3rd Everest Open International TKD Championship 2018-Nepal

3rd Everest Open International TKD Championship 2018-Nepal

Taekwondo ITF Nepal Organized 3rd Everest open International Taekwondo Championship held successfully At Mirabel resort, Dhulikhel Nepal on September 21st -22nd 2018.

Total 224 Players and official were participated from Netherland, Singapore, India and Nepal. In two days championship included Individual patterns and individual sparring event for 39 Gold 39 Silver and 78 Bronze.

First day of competition was for color belt pattern and sparring. Second day black belt pattern and sparring held. Nepal won 32 gold, India won 5 gold and Singapore won 2 gold

We awarded for Male Best Player to Dylan Coughlan from Singapore and Female Best Player to Reshma Lungeli from Nepal.

“Uniquely this championship was held under the open sky with panoramic views of the Himalayas for all participants”

All officials and umpires work sincerely for this event and under the supervision by Master Yogi Chand in two days championship went on smoothly. We were very much impressed and thankful to his kindness and assistance to this event.

At the end of the Championships two Nepali Traditional dance performed by schools children’s & it was very emotional and enjoyed by all.

After the cultural program medal ceremony was held by our Chief Guest Honourable Minister Shakti Basnet, Special Guest Master Yogi Chand, President of Indian Taekwondo federation Mr. Radhakrishanan PR, Mr. D.V.V Prasad secretory of Taekwondo Association India, Mr Henk Schaaij & Mr. Arie Hoogendoorn from Netherlands

ITF Nepal President Laxman Basnet presented Token of Love & Honorable Minister Shakti Basnet presented National weapon Khukuri to Master Yogi Chand. Also all Umpires and Supporters awarded Certificate, Memento & appreciation letter.

After Medal ceremony Chief Guest & special Guest delivered speech about Taekwondo sports, discipline and encouragement to all participants.

It was fantastic event and all participants and officials were so excited and very much appreciated. In the ceremony Master Yogi Chand and Mr.Henk said in their speech that they were very happy to be in Nepal and they will support in future events too.

Also Master Yogi Chand appreciated by Nepali participants sparring and the spirit shown by students with minimal protective equipment, much vigour yet no injuries.

Tournament Director of this Event and President of Taekwondo ITF Nepal, Laxman Basnet gave thanks to all who supported to make the event successful.

After Championship on 23rd ITF Nepal organized a sightseeing trip to Namobuddha Monastery (where we can see all the hill areas and Himalayan range) to all international participants. And some participants/officials from India, Netherlands and event supporters from Nepal make an enjoyable trip to pokhara and Mustang (Mukti Nath Temple 3,800M from sea level) by Moterbike for 7 days. They enjoyed wonderful experience with motorbike ride on off rode, Para gliding, Natural hot spring water bath and rafting in Rough River.

We welcome again all Taekwondo participants from all over the world to Natural beauty of Nepal 2020.

From Master Yogi Chand: - “The standard of practitioner and the hosting of the event were without a doubt second to none. Nepal is a beautiful place worthy of a visit and coupled with the Taekwondo of Mr Laxmans Basnet the ITF can only be proud. I was honored and privileged to be a part of this event and sincerely hope to continue to be a part of Nepal’s journey with pride and respect.

Final Results of 3rd Everest Open International Taekwondo Championship 2018 Nepal

Best Female Player- Resma Lungeli (Nepal)

Best Male Player- Dylan Coughlan (Singapore)

BOYS 9th-7th Gup (age below 10 yrs) INDIVIDUAL PATTERN

Gold-James Khyaju (Nepal)

Silver-Romeo Thapa (Nepal)

Bronze-Anish Budha Magar (Nepal)

Bronze-Reason Ghising (Nepal)

BOYS 6th-4th Gup (age below 10 yrs) INDIVIDUAL PATTERN

Gold-Sharat Shinkhwal (Nepal)

Silver–Amrit Tamang (Nepal)

Bronze-Nischal Khyaju (Nepal)

Bronze-Prabin B.C (Nepal)

BOYS 6th-4th Gup (age below 13 yrs) INDIVIDUAL PATTERN

Gold- Sudil Thuyaju (Nepal)

Silver–Sanjib Tamang (Nepal)

Bronze–Prakash B.C (Nepal)

Bronze–Amit Pun Maga r(Nepal)

BOYS 6th-4th Gup (age below 13 yrs) INDIVIDUAL PATTERN

Gold– Nishant Lamichhane (Nepal)

Silver– Sanjay Lama (Nepal)

Bronze– Pujan Bista (Nepal)

Bronze– Babulal Moktan (Nepal)

BOYS 6th-1st Gup (age below 18 yrs) INDIVIDUAL PATTERN

Gold–Rajib Khyaju (Nepal)

Silver–Bibash Thapa (Nepal)

Bronze–Ankit Thamsung(Nepal)

Bronze–Parmeshwor K.C (Nepal)

Girls 9th-7th Gup (age below 13 yrs) INDIVIDUAL PATTERN

Gold–Aarati Magar (Nepal)

Silver–Mahima Sunwar (Nepal)

Bronze–Reshma Lungeli (Nepal)

Girls 6th-4th Gup (age below 13 yrs) INDIVIDUAL PATTERN

Gold –Surakshya Thapa (Nepal)

Silver–Anuaha Gorkhali (Nepal)

Bronze–Devika Magar (Nepal)

Bronze–Dipika Pulami Magar (Nepal)

Girls 6th-4th Gup (age below 18 yrs) INDIVIDUAL PATTERN

Gold–Shristi Sunwar (Nepal)

Silver –Asmita Pun Magar (Nepal)

Bronze–Susmita Tamang (Nepal)

Bronze–Susmita Tamang (Nepal)

BOYS blue
ed (age between 14-16 yrs) INDIVIDUAL PATTERN

Gold–Rupak Khadka (Nepal)

Silver–Manik Bhujel (Nepal)

Bronze–Parajung Ghimire (Nepal)

Bronze–Ashish Sunwa (Nepal)

Girls 9th-7th Gup (age between 14-16 yrs) INDIVIDUAL PATTERN

Gold–Subina Tamang (Nepal)

Silver –Aruna Tamang (Nepal)

Bronze –Sonu Tamang (Nepal)

Bronze–Ranjita Tamang (Nepal)


Gold –Vikas Kumar Rao (India)

Silver–Sasman Basnet (Nepal)


Gold– Dylan Coughlan (Singapore)

Silver– Venu Gopala Raju (India)


Gold– Sumeet Byanju (Nepal)

Silver– Tabithha Kithrell (Singapore)


BOYS (age below 10 yrs.) (20-25) kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Nischal Khyaju (Nepal)

Silver–Swofil Lamichhane (Nepal)

Bronze–Sushan Blon (Nepal)

Bronze–Amrit Tamang (Nepal)

BOYS (age below 10 yrs) (20-25)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Rihan Shahi (Nepal)

Silver–Ritik Lamichhane (Nepal)

Bronze–Kritan Dhungana (Nepal)

Bronze –Bijay Lama (Nepal)

BOYS (age below 13 yrs) (20-25)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Sanjib Tamang (Nepal)

Silver–Suden Lama (Nepal)

Bronze–Raman Kunwar (Nepal)

Bronze–Sanjay Lama (Nepal)

BOYS (age below 13yrs) (25-30)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Babulal Moktan (Nepal)

Silver–Sudil Thuyaju (Nepal)

Bronze-Kunsang Tamang (Nepal)

Bronze–Arjun Tamang (Nepal)

BOYS (age below13yrs) (30-35)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Milan Tamang (Nepal)

Silver–Sudan Tamang (Nepal)

Bronze–Aashish Thapa (Nepal)

Bronze–Samundra Thapa (Nepal)

Girls (age below 13 yrs) (35-40)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Devika Magar (Nepal)

Silver–Surakshya Thapa (Nepal)

Bronze–Swikriti Thapa (Nepal)

Brionze–Anusha Gorkhali (Nepal)

Girls(age below 13 yrs) (25-30)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Mahima Sunwar (Nepal)

Silver–Riya Thapa (Nepal)

Bronze –Ayusha Khatri (Nepal)

Bronze–Abhipshaa Mohanta (India)

Girls (age below 10yrs) (20-25)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Pratima Thapa (Nepal)

Silver–Resma Lungeli (Nepal)

Bronze–Salami Khadka (Nepal)

Bronze–Ranjita Bista (Nepal)

BOYS (age below 13 yrs) (35-40)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Manjay Lama (Nepal)

Silver–Kushal Sunwar (Nepal)

Bronze–Suraj Karki (Nepal)

Bronze–Rohit Pandit (Nepal)

BOYS (age below 13 yrs) (40-45)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Shant Kumar Rana (Nepal)

Silver–Bishal Lama (Nepal)

Bronze –Sanjay Bomjom (Nepal)

Bronze–Amit Pun Magar (Nepal)

BOYS (age below 13 yrs) (55-60)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Prajwol Ghimire (Nepal)

Silver–Ustav Giri (Nepal)

Bronze–Keystone Basnet (Nepal)

Bronze–Astik Nakarmi (Nepal)

Male Junior (age below 18 yrs) (30-35)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Roman Rokka (Nepal)

Silver–Raj Bista (Nepal)

Bronze–Pujan Bista (Nepal)

Bronze–Uden Dhungana (Nepal)

Male Junior (age below 18yrs) (35-40)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold–Bibash Tamang (Nepal)

Silver–Sujan Salmi (Nepal)

Bronze–Aashish Shrestha (Nepal)

Bronze–Manik Tamang (Nepal)

Male Junior (age below 18yrs) (45-50)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold– Sushil Kumar Thami (Nepal)

Silver–Sunil Timalsina (Nepal)

Bronze–Rijan Bhattrai (Nepal)

Bronze–Aayush Gatraj (Nepal)

Male Junior (age below 18 yrs) (40-45)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold– Sarad Shrestha (Nepal)

Silver–Rajeev Makhiya (Nepal)

Bronze–Rupak Khadka (Nepal)

Bronze–Rju Subedi (Nepal)

Male Junior (age below18 yrs) (55-80)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold– Arjun Tamang (Nepal)

Silver–Bikash Shah (Nepal)

Bronze–Suraj Lama (Nepal)

Broinze–Sameer Ranjitkar (Nepal)

Girls (age below 10 yrs) (35-40)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold– Sonisha Tyata (Nepal)

Silver–Subina Tamang (Nepal)

Bronze–Pooja Thapa (Nepal)

Bronze–Khusbu Sunwar (Nepal)

Female Junior (age below 18yrs) (50-55)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold– Salina Lama (Nepal)

Silver–Ranjana Tamang (Nepal)

Bronze –Rashmi Sunwar (Nepal)

Bronze–Santoshi Sunwar (Nepal)

Female Junior (age below 18 yrs) (45-50)kg freee weight INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold– Priyanka Singh (India)

Silver –R.A Varalmathi (India)

Female Junior (below 18 yrs) (40-45)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold– Anisha Limbu (Nepal)

Silver–Sumi Thapa Magar (Nepal)

Bronze–Aarati Sinkhawal (Nepal)

Bronze–V. Harini (India)

Male Junior (under 18yrs)(-70)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring
Gold– Sasman Basnet (Nepal)

Silver– Sai Samarth Singh (India)

Male Adult (18-35yrs)open black belt INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold –Vikas Kumar Rao (India)

Silver–Ram Daresh Ram (Nepal)

Bronze-Shashank Kumar (India)

Bronze–Niraj Kafle (Nepal)

Male Adult (65-70)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold– Dylan Coughlan (Singapore)

Silver–Arunesh Kumar Shrivastav (India)

Bronze–Arun Sahani (India)

Male Vetran (80-90)kg INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold– D.Thiru Kumaran (India)

Silver–Ashutosh Kumar Sahani (India)

Bronze–Amerendra Kumar (India)

Male Vetran (age below 60 yrs) INDIVIDUAL Sparring

Gold– Venu Gopala Raju (India)

Silver- Nrusingha Singha (India)

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